Elelive Grand Ceremony 2022

The 2022 Elelive Grand Ceremony was held at the Genting International Convention Center (GICC) and attracted over 800 participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. The theme of the event was "Fantasy Night Elephant," and its main purpose was to recognize individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the industry.

The venue for the ceremony was magnificent and beautifully decorated. The constantly scrolling images on the big screen caught everyone's attention. In the center of the stage was a giant elephant logo, symbolizing the brand image of the Elelive platform. Various live performances and interactive activities added to the excitement of the event.

During the awards ceremony, Elelive presented several awards, including the Best Anchor and Best Guild of the Year, to individuals and teams who have performed outstandingly on the platform. Their excellent performance has promoted the development of the industry to a certain extent and has also provided better audio-visual experiences for the audience. All the winners showed excitement and gratitude during the awards ceremony and expressed their commitment to continue contributing to the internet live streaming industry.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the event also invited several well-known performers to the stage, bringing a wonderful performance to the audience. Performers such as Abin Fang , Danny Koo , and the Arvan band provided high-quality entertainment for the audience. Their brilliant performances made the atmosphere even more lively, and everyone was immersed in the world of music.

Furthermore, the lucky draw was also a highlight of the event. Participants had the chance to win various prizes through the draw. This made the whole event even more exciting, and everyone had the opportunity to win their favorite prize.

There were also several photo backdrops prepared for participants to take photos and commemorate the event. These backdrops were specially designed and were perfect for taking pictures, allowing everyone to record this unforgettable moment. In addition, there were several interactive activities at the event, allowing participants to better communicate and get to know each other.

Overall, the 2022 Elelive Annual Awards Ceremony was an extremely successful event. Elelive spent a lot of effort and time to organize such a great banquet to reward their anchors.

07 Mar 2023