About Us

About Us
Extra Ordinary Events is a forward creative company that aims to put your brand onto the international stage.

EO Event is one of the top event management company in Malaysia, specialized in media launches, roadshow events, and corporate dinner. With the aid of our creative event coordinators, you can finally be worry-free during your company’s event.

Besides, EO Event is also the year 2018/2019 Advertising + Marketing Magazine, Markies, Agency of The Year(A+M Awards) finalist! Thus, you can rest assured that the event services and event production for your upcoming event is satisfying and professional. Try our service out and let us create your company’s best event ever now!
To create creative and impactful events for our clients, while also providing a platform for our partners to achieve their dreams
To become Malaysia's leading creative event company and enable the world to participate in Malaysian events.
Core Value
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Why choose EO Event?
We believe that a unique experience is what leaves the deepest impressions, and thus creative events that stand out are paramount to elevate your brand above others. In Malaysia, we rarely have events that that make it to the international stage. For the average Malaysia, regretfully we are mostly limited to live broadcasts and news reports when it comes to experiencing the creativeness and grandness of international events.

However when we take the iniative to elevate our very own events to the international standard, this will in turn draw the attention of the world towards us, giving us a sense of pride towards our homegrown brands. In EO Events, we provide the creative answer to showcase your brand as we believe that every brand should have the opportunity to venture on the international stage!

We are a creative-centered company which aims to elevate your brand from amongst your competitors through creative and one-of-a-kind events! We believe that every event should be extraordinary and unique, bringing a wow effect to your audience and leaving a long-lasting impact on them. We emphasis on catering to the younger generation, riding on the waves of trends to magnify your brand awareness and pushing it to the forefront of the era. Our clients cover a wide range of industries, among them include international brands such as Netflix, vivo, oppo, realme, OnePlus etc and also local brands like Julie's, ZUS Coffee, MOS Global and Star Media amongst many others.
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